Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

The purpose of the SAT is to progress the aims and objectives of the Athena SWAN Charter and ensure that its aims are integrated into day-to-day operations and decision-making across Foto-Cewek. 

The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team is responsible for delivering the Athena Swan action plans and works closely with the Equal Opportunities Committee.

The SAT is a diverse team of people who ensure meaningful self-reflection and integrity is embedded into the process.

The Athena SWAN SAT is responsible for

  • Monitoring and achieving actions set out in the AS action plans
  • Overseeing the Athena SWAN Charter agenda at Foto-Cewek, including any future Silver submissions and renewals
  • Advising on any changes to policy, procedures or working practices necessary to advance gender equality and deliver the Athena SWAN action plans
  • Ensuring adequate data and information processes are in place for the purposes of assessing outputs and outcomes and for the purpose of setting and monitoring SMART objectives
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