Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, Faculty of Biological Sciences

Member/Department  SAT role/group  Institutional/Faculty role
Dr Nicholas Casewell (Parasitology)  Chair/Champion  Senior Lecturer
Professor Alister Craig  Consultations with Senior Management  Dean 
Dr Katerina Finnis (central role)  advice/support Qualitative data AS Officer
Helen Williams (Vector Biology)  Culture; flexible working  Head of Liverpool Insect Testing Laboratory
Dr Kelly Johnston (Parasitology)  Family leave; parent-buddying scheme;  Post Doc
Prof Hilary Ranson (Vector Biology)   Department liaison: Dept Vector Biology Head, Dept Vector Biology
Dr Britta Urban (Parasitology)  Department liaison, DP; mentoring  Reader
Dr Mike Coleman (Vector Biology)  Culture; flexible working  Lecturer
Angela Hughes (Vector Biology)  Promotion/progression  Senior Lab Manager, part-time PhD 
Dr Eve Worrall (Vector Biology)  Quantitative data/surveys  Senior Project Manager/researcher
Darren Cook (Vector Biology)  Surveys  Post-doc
 Adrianna Adolfi (Vector Biology)   PGR representative   PhD student