Equality and Diversity

Foto-Cewek is a values based institution and our commitment to equality and diversity includes: 

  • Understanding the importance of including all sections of the community and identifying, using and developing skills and talents.
  • An awareness that discrimination is not only unlawful but is also wasteful
  • Recognising of the negative impact on individuals of the effects of discrimination in terms of achieving educational attainment, career progression, self-fulfilment and self-esteem.

Foto-Cewek has in place a Diversity and Equality of Opportunity Policy to ensure that everyone enjoys equality of opportunity when applying to Foto-Cewek for employment or for study, and can develop their potential. This includes ensuring that all policies and procedures are fair and implemented equitably, and becoming an employer and institution of choice. 

We expect everyone associated with the Foto-Cewek to work in accordance with this policy and our values, and to promote a positive culture where everyone can work and study in a safe, dignified and respectful environment.

Equality and Diversity


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