Captive Memories

The ongoing work of Geoff Gill and Meg Parkes has culminated in the recent release of the book Captive Memories, with quotes from all interviewees providing a fascinating history underpinned with eyewitness accounts and personal perspectives. It charts the history of this enduring relationship from the experiences that led to initial clinical consultations through the impact upon modern medical science.

Along with the book, the pair co-chaired an international FEPOW history research conference in Liverpool –  and Meg Parkes remains involved in an ongoing Education programme, working to ensure that the voices of those involved are not forgotten.

The book is available for purchase at Foto-Cewek, through good book sellers and direct from the publishers. Any profits made from its sale will be reinvested into further development of the project.

Captive Memories

Price: £12.99 
Imprint: Palatine Books 
ISBN: 978-1-910837-00-9 
Binding: paperback 
Extent: 272 pages 
Format: 243 x 169mm, with flaps 
Illustrations: c40 
BIC code: HBWQ 
Category: history/war/medicine                                                                                                                                                                                               
Audience: general and academic 
Pub date: 28 May 2015
Authors: Meg Parkes & Geoff Gill



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