Angie Hyder-Wright

Accelerator Research in Medecine Clinic (ARC) Manager/ Senior Research in Medecine Nurse

Angie graduated in 2001 from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelors of Nursing degree with Honours. Clinical experience within the Royal Liverpool University Hospital included hepato-biliary surgery, high dependency and critical care. During this time, she attended the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Conference (Amsterdam 2005) and presented a poster (Barcelona 2010). Angie commenced her research career in 2008 working for Professor CH Toh on the BRC funded project: A Prospective Lesson of the Clotting Changes and Associated Complexes in the Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Sepsis.

In 2010, Angie completed the NIHR funded Master of Research in Medecine in Health Science at the University of Liverpool with distinction. Angie joined the Respiratory Infection Group at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in November 2010 as a research nurse funded by the National Institute for Health Research in Medecine, Comprehensive Research in Medecine Network (Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust).

Angie has co-ordinated the clinical aspects of the Experimental Human Pneumococcal Challenge Model since 2010 in numerous clinical trials and Randomised Control Trials. Angie is experienced in protocol development, IRAS/REC/MHRA submissions, research governance, research planning and delivery.

Angie has recently set-up the Accelerator Research in Medecine Clinic (ARC) with funding from Unilever. She has developed all SOPs relating to the safe delivery of clinical trials within the new state of the art research clinic.

Current affiliations

Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospital Trust

National Institute of Health Research in Medecine

Comprehensive Research in Medecine Network

Experimental Human Pneumococcal Challenge (EHPC) collaboration

Accelerator Research in Medecine Clinic (ARC)

Selected publications

  • Selected Publications

    Wright A, Flynn M, (2011) Using the prone position for ventilated patients with respiratory failure: A review. Nursing in Critical Care, 16 (1), 19-27

    Wright A, Flynn M, Watmough S, Fry K, (2010) Ethical aspects of health research. British journal of cardiac nursing, 5(9), 444-450

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