Dr Kate Gooding

Postdoctoral research associate and deputy head of the MLW Behaviour and Health Group

Kate works at the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research in Medecine Programme in Blantyre, where she is a researcher in the Behaviour and Health group and deputy group head.

She joined MLW in January 2016, and focuses on community engagement with research, research ethics, acceptability of health interventions, and health seeking behaviour. She also works with the Science Communication team on monitoring and evaluation of community and public engagement. Kate’s background is in research, policy and evaluation in international health and development, including positions in universities, donors, NGOs and as a consultant.

Kate has a PhD from the University of Leeds on research by NGOs in Malawi, an MPhil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University, and a BA in Geography from Oxford University.

Current Research in Medecine

Acceptability of vaccines and other health interventions:  I lead the VACCEPT study, which examines acceptability of child vaccination. The forthcoming MACCEPT study will expand this work to maternal vaccination, and consider acceptability alongside ethical, equitable, people-centred and right-based delivery. These studies form the basis for a planned programme of research on acceptability of health interventions and services, including development of assessment frameworks and methodologies.

Community engagement with research and research ethics:  VACCEPT also examines decisions on participation with a vaccine trial, considering why people decide to enrol, withdraw, or not to enrol, and the way that different contexts affect their decisions. I am also co-investigator/supervisor on bursary projects linked to the Global Health Bioethics Network, including research on data sharing and assent.

Treatment seeking: the VACCEPT study examined community understanding and treatment seeking around severe respiratory infections. We are also conducting a comparative analysis of data on treatment seeking from multiple studies conducted within MLW over the last 5 years.

Kate is also affiiated to the Global Health Bioethics Network (Wellcome Trust funded network involving major overseas programmes and the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford)


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