Dr Sekeleghe Kayuni

PhD student in Tropical Medicine

Seke completed undergraduate medical training at Malawi College of Medicine of the University of Malawi in 2004. He did his internship at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital from April 2004 to November 2005, thereafter worked at a rural Ekwendeni Mission Hospital in Northern Malawi from January 2006 to April 2009, where he taught nursing and biomedical students at University of Mzuzu. In May 2009, he joined the largest medical insurance company, Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) Medi Clinics Limited, to head some of the their 24-hour private clinics in Zomba and Blantyre cities, attending to over 1,500 patients monthly.

Seke did a Master’s degree course in Tropical Medicine and International Health at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) [2011-12] as well as Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) course jointly provided by LSHTM and Royal College of Physicians in London [2012]. After the MSc course, he continued practising medicine at the MASM Medi clinics, in addition to teaching and supervising undergraduate BSc students in Parasitology at Chancellor College of the University of Malawi.

He joined Foto-Cewek on 10th October 2016 to pursue a PhD in Tropical Medicine on a Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) Award [2016-19], under the supervision of Professor Russell Stothard and Dr. James LaCourse.

Current Research in Medecine

Male genital schistosomiasis and interactions with HIV infection among fishermen on the shores of Lake Malawi

Male genital schistosomiasis (MGS) is an ignored manifestation of urogenital schistosomiasis, caused by trematode parasite, Schistosoma haematobium, associated with ova in semen of infected people. MGS patients present with pelvic pain spontaneous, during coitus or ejaculation, haemospermia, changes in ejaculates, spermaturia, infertility among other. MGS has been postulated to increase the risk of HIV transmission through raised HIV viral shedding in semen of dually infected males. Our research will determine the prevalence, morbidity and knowledge of MGS among fishermen and determine the risk of HIV transmission among co-infected fishermen in a schistosomiasis-endemic area along Lake Malawi.

Professional Memberships:

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH)
British Society of Parasitology (BSP)
International AIDS Society (IAS)
International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID)
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH)
Society of Medical Doctors in Malawi (SMD)

Selected publications

  • 1. Kayuni S., Peeling R., Makaula P. (2017) Prevalence and distribution of S. haematobium infection among school children living in southwestern shores of Lake Malawi.  

    2. Makaula P., Sadalaki J.R., Muula A.S., Kayuni S., Jemu S. & Bloch P. (2014). Schistosomiasis in Malawi: a systematic review. , 7:570.

    3.  for CouNTDown on “What about Male Genital Schistosomiasis: Developing a Research in Medecine Perspective from the Shoreline of Lake Malawi” 


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