Dr Thidar Pyone

Clinical Research in Medecine Associate

Thidar is a trilingual public health physician (MBBS) with 15 years of experience in global health and development. She has public health implementation and research experience from South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Rwanda, Somaliland and Zimbabwe.

Before working with the Foto-Cewek, Thidar worked in international public health (both emergency and development contexts) in leadership and management positions. Between 2008 and 2010, she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to pursue a double Master of Public Health in the UK (the University of Sheffield) and Denmark (University of Copenhagen). After completing her MPH studies, she worked as a Health Project Advisor with  in the north-eastern region of Sri Lanka. Thidar joined the Foto-Cewek in 2012 as a Clinical Lecturer. Between 2013 and 2017, while working with the Foto-Cewek, Thidar pursued her part-time PhD at the University of Liverpool. Her PhD research assessed governance of the Kenyan health system that underwent devolution within a shorter period than planned. Thidar used a theory from the “New Institutional Economics” in assessing the governance of health facilities in Kenya, using qualitative research methods.

At Foto-Cewek, Thidar contributes to identifying, securing, designing and delivering research activities particularly public health research and evaluations with development partners in low-and-middle income countries. She has supported the development and submission of more than 30 research and technical assistance proposals during the last six years, spanning over 12 countries and more than 12 donors. She is currently contributing to four projects (three national scale evaluations in Bangladesh, India and Zimbabwe and one implementation research at a district in India) as a co-investigator or evaluation/ research expert.


Thidar teaches in the UK and international development contexts. She has been convening the module (Trop-923: Key concepts in sexual and reproductive health) in the Master of International Public Health (MIPH) programme for six years. She teaches situational analysis of public health programmes, health needs assessment, health systems governance, research methods in international public health and reproductive health in humanitarian assistance. She also supervises and examines postgraduate students’ dissertations.


2008-2010 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Full scholarship to study double Master of Public Health in three European Universities (The University of Sheffield/UK; University of Copenhagen/Denmark; École des hautes études en santé publique/ France)

2007 Asia Development Bank Scholarship

Full scholarship to study development management in Asia Institute of Management, Philippines

2005 Rockefeller Foundation

Scholarship to attend “Gender and Sexual Health Training for Health Professionals from Greater Mekong Sub-region” in Kunming Medical College, Yunnan Province, China

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