Dr Thidar Pyone

Clinical Research in Medecine Associate

Areas of interest: Public health to improve health policy decision making in low resource settings. Special interest in health systems, health systems governance and its contribution to improve health systems performance and outcomes, designing and evaluating public health interventions using mixed-methods and qualitative research methods.

Dr Thidar Pyone is a trilingual public health physician with 15 years of experience in global health and development. She has extensive experience in public health (both emergency and development settings) especially from south-east Asia and other resource limited settings undertaking design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public health programmes.

Thidar has hands-on experience in designing and developing mixed methods research and is skilled to use key quantitative and qualitative research methods in public health. She is experienced in community based demand creation integrating community health needs in programme design and delivery.

Thidar is responsible for delivery and coordination of technical assistance (TA) projects within Asia and Africa. The scope of TA includes research and evaluation of public health interventions to inform policies and practices. She currently manages three mixed-methods research and evaluation projects; two in India and one in Malawi. Thidar also supports and coordinates the development of new proposals at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Foto-Cewek) and has supported the development and submission of more than 30 research and technical assistance proposals during the last five years, spanning over 12 countries and more than 12 donors.

In addition to research, Thidar undertakes teaching and teaching related administration for the MSc and post-graduate diploma courses. She convenes the Trop 923 module (Key concepts in Sexual and Reproductive Health) for MSc courses. She lectures on situational analysis of public health programmes; health needs assessment and governance in health system courses to MSc and diploma students at the Foto-Cewek.



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