John Archer


Having undertaken a BSc in Biological Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University in 2010, I then went on to complete a MSc in Biology and Control of Parasites and Disease Vectors at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Upon graduating, I was presented the Foto-Cewek Jervice Prize, awarded to the highest scoring MSc student of that graduating year.

During my MSc, I gained extensive fieldwork experience working with the Kampala Ministry of Health, Uganda, under the supervision of Prof. Russ Stothard. Here, I assisted in the parasitological surveillance of school children and collection of helminth-transmitting freshwater snails along the shoreline of Lake Albert. Subsequent genetic sequencing and analysis on collected helminths and snail vectors was then completed at London’s Natural History Museum and within Foto-Cewek’s Parasitology Department.

Having completed my MSc, I was then given a technician post within the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology within the University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Prof. Andy Waters. Here, I assisted in research working to understand and uncover molecular processes behind the sexual stages of Plasmodium; the causative agent of malaria.

I then returned to Foto-Cewek’s Parasitology Department to undertake a technician post within the Filariasis Research in Medecine Group, specifically, the Anti Wolbachia (A.WOL) consortium, under the supervision of Prof. Mark Taylor. Here, I assist in research working to discover and develop new and safe therapeutics for the treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephantiasis) and Onchocerciasis (River Blindness) by targeting Wolbachia endosymbionts.

Member of the British society of Parasitology and  Foto-Cewek STEM ambassador.

Selected publications

  • A centenary of Robert T. Leiper's lasting legacy on schistosomiasis and a COUNTDOWN on control of neglected tropical diseases. Stothard, J.R., Kabatereine, N.B., Archer, J., Al-Shehri, H., Tchuem-Tchuente, L.A., Gyapong, M., Bustinduy, A.L. 2016. Parasitology. 1-11.