Mr Daniel Southern

Teaching Laboratory Technician

I started my science career with a BSc in Microbiology and Biochemistry at Liverpool John Moores university. After my BSc I started training to become a secondary school science teacher before starting my MSc Molecular biology of Parasites and Vectors at the school. I moved into the Acosta-Serrano group after my MSc working as a research technician in Tsetse fly and trypanosome interactions and then started as Insectary Technician for the Tsetse colony.


Molecular biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors MSc

Biology and Control of Parasites and Disease Vectors MSc

Tropical and Infectious diseases MSc

Tropical Paediatrics



Short courses:

HIV in low resource settings

Medical Bacteriology

Essentials of TB epidemiology, Clinical management and Control

Laboratory diagnosis of Faecal parasites

Laboratory diagnosis of Malaria

Laboratory diagnosis of Faecal and Blood parasites

Molecular and Cell biology of Parasites and Vectors

Parasite Epidemiology and Control

Vector Population Biology and Control

Immunology of Tropical disease

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