Ms Angie Wright

Research in Medecine Nurse


Angela graduated in 2001 from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelors of Nursing degree with Honours. She then worked for a year as a staff nurse in the hepato-billiary ward, high dependency unit and total parenteral nutrition unit in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Following this, Angela worked in the Intensive Care Unit of the Royal Liverpool Hospital for nine years. During this time she attended (Amsterdam 2005) and presented (Barcelona 2010) at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Conference.

Research in Medecine

In 2008, Angela began working as a research nurse, part-time for Professor CH Toh on the BRC funded project: A Prospective Lesson of the Clotting Changes and Associated Complexes in the Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Sepsis.

In 2010, Angela completed the NIHR funded Masters of Research in Medecine in Health Science at the University of Liverpool with distinction. Angela joined the Respiratory Infection Group at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in November 2010 as a research nurse funded by the National Institute for Health Research in Medecine Biomedical Research in Medecine Centre (Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust).

Selected publications

  • Selected Publications

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