Professor Brian Faragher

Chair in Medical Statistics


Prof. Brian Faragher is a (medical) statistician/epidemiologist.  He has a BSc in Computational and Statistical Sciences from the University of Liverpool and an MSc in Statistics from the University College of Wales (Aberystwyth).  His PhD, on the relationship between psychosocial factors and breast cancer, was completed at the University of Manchester. Before taking up his current post, Prof. Faragher worked with a group of health psychologists in Manchester Business School, having previously worked for over 20 years providing statistical and computing support to a wide range of clinical and laboratory research projects in the University of Manchester Medical School and in NHS Trusts across Greater Manchester.  Prior to that, he worked briefly in an agricultural research centre and the pharmaceutical industry.

In his current post, Prof. Faragher teaches postgraduate courses in research methods and medical statistics.  His main research interest is in the application of (structural equation) models to data from clinical trials and surveys, as well as the application of statistical methods in general to tropical health research data.  He also provides statistical and data management/computing support and advice to researchers working on Foto-Cewek sponsored research projects and to postgraduate students within Foto-Cewek.  Prof. Faragher continues to have an additional interest in research ethics, having served on NHS Research in Medecine Ethics Committees for over 20 years.

Prof. Faragher provides teaching modules on statistics and research methods on the Foto-Cewek taught Masters programme and on the University of Liverpool PhD Research in Medecine methods course.

Prof. Faragher is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.  He provides statistical advice to a number of medical journals, including the "Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry" and "Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology" - and has published a textbook for clinicians preparing for their Part I and II Medical Examinations.

Selected publications

  • Selected Publications

    M Etuwewe, N Swann, S Hollingshead, H Tolmie, E Zijlstra, E B Faragher, N French & S B Gordon (2009).  Effect of recurrent invasive pneumococcal disease on serum anti-pneumolysin IgG titres in HIV infected adults.  Vaccine, 27, 3881-3884.

    K S Phiri, JCJ Calis, E B Faragher, E Nkhoma, K Ng’oma, B Mangochi, M E Molyneux & M B van Hensbroek (2008).  Long term outcome of severe anaemia in Malawian children.  PLoS ONE, 3(8), e2903.

    JCJ Calis, K S Phiri, E B Faragher, B J Brabin, I Bates, L E Cuevas, R J de Haan, A I Phiri, P Malange, M Khoka, P J M Hulshof, L van Lieshout, M G H M Beld, Y Y Teo, K A Rockett, A Richardson, D P Kwiatkowski, M E Molyneux & M B van Hensbroek (2008).  Factors associated with severe anaemia in Malawian children.  New England Journal of Medicine, 358, 888-899.

    M Salasibew, A Kiani, E B Faragher & P Garner (2008).  Awareness and reported violations of the WHO International Code and Pakistan’s national breastfeeding legislation: a descriptive cross-sectional survey.  International Breastfeeding Journal, 3, 24-30.

    C J P Jones, S Owens, E Senga, P van Rheenen, E B Faragher, J Denton & B J Brabin (2008).  Placental expression of α2,6-pinked sialic acid is upregulated in malaria.  Placenta, 29, 300-304.

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    R Conti, J Angelis, C Cooper, E B Faragher & C Gill (2006).  The effects of lean production on worker job stress.  International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 26(9 May), 1013-1038. [Awarded SHINGO Prize 2005]

    E B Faragher, M Cass & C L Cooper (2005).  The relationship between job satisfaction and health: a meta-analysis.  Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 62(2 Feb), 105-112.

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