Professor David Lalloo

Dean of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health; Chair in Tropical Medicine; Director Wellcome Trust Liverpool Glasgow Centre for Global Health Research in Medecine; Director Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Programme

Having undergone initial training in Newcastle upon Tyne, David Lalloo trained in General (Internal) Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, spending three years in Papua New Guinea. He undertook clinical and laboratory research in Oxford before moving as Senior Lecturer to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 1999. Since then he has focused on clinical trials in the tropics, particularly in HIV related infections, malaria and envenoming. He currently has collaborations and studies in a number of countries including Malawi, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa. He holds an appointment as Honorary Consultant at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and is Clinical Director of the Tropical Medicine Directorate and Director of the Wellcome Trust Liverpool Glasgow Centre for Global Health Research in Medecine and Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD programme.

Through the Centre and PhD programme, he helps identifies and supports young UK clinicians interested in tropical research and help to build scientific capacity overseas, working closely with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research in Medecine Programme 


Lectures and small group teaching on the Liverpool DTMH. Lectures to many other groups nationally.

Currently supervising 5 PhD and MD students 


Research in Medecine 

Current projects include trials of treatment in cryptococcal disease, understanding causes of fever in Malawi and estimating burden of snakebite in South Asia. Previous work has been published in major journals including PLOS MedicineLancet Infectious Diseases and the NEJM and trials have informed international clinical guidelines relevant to care in the tropics and the UK.

Other relevant expertise, professional memberships.

  • Chair: Public Health England Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention in Travellers
  • Chair: Wellcome Trust/MRC/DfID/DH Global Clinical Trials Panel (2016 to date)
  • Member: MRC Global Health Group
  • Member: Wellcome Trust Interview Panel
  • Chairman of a number of international Trial Steering and Data Monitoring Committees
  • Member: CMO Scientific Advisory Group on Zika (2016)
  • Member: CMO Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE) for Ebola (2014- 5)
  • Member:  WHO Advanced HIV Guidelines Group
  • Member: Public Health England Expert Advisory Group on Anti-venoms,
  • National Poisons Service Advisor on Envenoming
  • Member; UK JCVI Travel Sub-group
  • Deputy Editor: Journal of Infection
  • Deputy Editor: PLOS NTD 

Current grants/projects

A phase III randomised controlled trial of oral fluconazole plus flucytosine versus amphotericin B-based therapy for cryptococcal meningitis

Co-applicant (1hr)     MRC    £2,619,496 2011-2016

A multi-centre randomized placebo controlled trial of dexamethasone to improve the outcome of cryptococcal meningitis

Co-applicant (1hr) Wellcome Trust  £4,593,228 2012-2016

NIHR Group on African Snakebite Research in Medecine                                         

Co-applicant NIHR £2,000,000 2017-2018

Health in a changing climate: snake bite in South Asia         

Principal Applicant MRC     £512,000 2017-2018

High Dose AMBISOME on a Fluconazole backbone for Cryptococcal Meningitis induction therapy in-saharan Africa

Co-applicant  EDCTP £9,000,000 2017-2017

Zika: Novel point-of-care molecular diagnostics for the simultaneous diagnosis of Zika chikungunya and dengue infections in Latin America (ZK/16-025)          

Co-applicant      MRC     £150,000 2016-2017
Fracture Union in HIV positive patients

Supervisor – Simon Graham 
PhD fellowship

Wellcome Trust £463,600


Characterising clinical MTB isolates and host whole blood transcriptome in hospitalised HIV-TB co-infected patients            

Supervisor David Barr,
PhD fellowship
Wellcome Trust  £375,000 2015-2018

Centre of Research in Medecine Excellence-Translational Venom and Antivenom Research in Medecine.  

Co-Chief Investigator

National Health and Antivenom Research in Medecine.  
Medical Research in Medecine Council – Australia



Malawi-Liverpool- Wellcome Trust Clinical Research in Medecine Programme Co-applicant (4 hours) Wellcome Trust          £13,200,000 2013-2018

Health Priorities in resource limited settings Clinical PhD programme                                              

Principal applicant (2hrs)       Wellcome Trust c £5,000,000 2013-2018

Wellcome Trust Liverpool-Glasgow Centre for Global Health Research in Medecine     

Principal applicant  Wellcome Trust   £760,000 2013-2018
Innate immunity in cryptococcal disease and immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome                Supervisor -  James Scriven
PhD fellowship
Wellcome Trust £364,922 2011-2013
Identifying Delays in Equitable Access to ART Supervisor - Peter McPherson 
PhD fellowship  
Wellcome Trust £352,526


Early goal directed therapy for adult bacterial meningitis in Malawi      

Supervisor- Emma Wall
PhD fellowship                            

Wellcome Trust  £369,000 2010-2012
Surveillance for influenza in the context of pandemic H1N1 in an African population with a high burden of HIV, Malaria and Malnutrition Co-applicant       Wellcome Trust £360,600 2010-2012
Health Seeking behaviour for acute bacterial meningitis in children and adults in Malawi             Co-applicant Meningitis Research in Medecine Foundation £68,946 2010-2011
Pharmacovigilance of ACT   PI    Gates Foundation   £600,516 2009-2016

Programmatic implementation of ACTs in Malawi: Safety and effectiveness of combination therapies with repeated treatments for uncomplicated P.falciparum malaria

  PI     Gates Foundation   £1,732,000 2009-2016

Selected publications

  • In Press:

    Isbister, G K, Jayamanne, S, Mohamed, F, Dawson, A H, Maduwage, K, Gawarammana, I, Lalloo, David, de Silva, H J, Scorgie, F E, Lincz, L F and Buckley, N A (2017) 'A randomized controlled trial of fresh frozen plasma for coagulopathy in Russell's viper (Daboia russelii) envenoming.'. Journal of Thrombosis And Haemostasis. (In Press)
    Wall, Emma, Mukaka, Mavuto, Scarborough, Matthew, Ajdukiewicz, Katherine, Cartwright, Katharine, Nyirenda, Mulinda, Denis, Brigitte, Allain, Theresa, Faragher, Brian, Lalloo, David and Heyderman, Robert (2016) 'Prediction of outcome from adult bacterial meningitis in a high HIV seroprevalence, resource-poor setting using the Malawi Adult Meningitis Score (MAMS)'. Clinical Infectious Diseases. (In Press)
    Carr, Daniel F, Bourgeois, Stephane, Chaponda, Mas, Takeshita, Louise Y, Morris, Andrew P, Cornejo Castro, Elena M, Alfirevic, Ana, Jones, Andrew R, Rigden, Daniel J, Haldenby, Sam, Khoo, Saye, Lalloo, David, Heyderman, Robert, Dandara, Collet, Kampira, Elizabeth, van Oosterhout, Joep J, Ssali, Francis, Munderi, Paula, Novelli, Giuseppe, Borgiani, Paola, Nelson, Matthew R, Holden, Arthur, Deloukas, Panos and Pirmohamed, Munir (2017) 'Genome-Wide Association Lesson of Nevirapine Hypersensitivity in a sub-Saharan African HIV-infected Population'. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. (In Press)

    Selected Publications

    Beardsley J, Wolbers M, Kibengo FM et al,  (Lalloo DG 30th of 31 authors); CryptoDex Investigators. Adjunctive Dexamethasone in HIV-Associated Cryptococcal Meningitis. N Engl J Med. 2016 Feb 11;374(6):542-54. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1509024.

    MacPherson P, Lalloo DG, Webb EL et al. , Effect of optional home initiation of HIV care following HIV self-testing on antiretroviral therapy initiation among adults in Malawi: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA. 2014 Jul 23-30;312(4):372-9. doi: 10.1001/jama.2014.6493Day JN, Chau TT, Wolbers M et al. (Lalloo DG joint senior author). Combination antifungal therapy for cryptococcal meningitis. N Engl J Med. 2013 Apr 4;368(14):1291-302. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1110404

    Parkes-Ratanshi R, Wakeham K, Levin J, Namusoke D, Whitworth J, Coutinho A , Kenya Mugisha N,  Grosskurth H , Kamali A, Lalloo DG.  Primary prophylaxis of cryptococcal disease using fluconazole in HIV positive Ugandan adults - a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial. Lancet Infectious Diseases. 2011 Dec;11(12):933-41.

    Ajdukiewicz KM, Cartwright KE, Scarborough M, Mwambene JB, Goodson P, Molyneux ME, Zijlstra EE, French N, Whitty CJ, Lalloo DG. . Lancet Infectious Diseases. 2011 Apr;11(4):293-300

    De Silva HA,  Pathmeswaran A,  Jayamanne S,  Samarakone SMSB,  Hittharage A, Kalupahana R,  Ratnathilake A, Uluwatte W, Ranasinha CD, Aronson JK, Armitage J, Lalloo DG, De Silva HJ. Promethazine, hydrocortisone, and low-dose adrenaline (alone and in combination) in the prevention of acute adverse reactions to antivenom following snakebite: a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. PLOS Medicine. 2011 May; 8(5):e1000435

    Kasturiratne A, Wickremasinghe AR, de Silva N, Gunawardena NK, Pathmeswaran A, Premaratna R, Savioli L, Lalloo DG, de Silva HJ. The global burden of snakebite: a literature analysis and modelling based on regional estimates of envenoming and deaths. PLoS Med. 2008 Nov 4;5 (11):e218. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0050218.

    Scarborough M, Gordon SB, Whitty CJM, French N, Njalale Y, Chitani A, Peto TEA, Lalloo DG,  Zijlstra EE. Steroids for bacterial meningitis in adults with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. New England Journal of Medicine. 2007: 357:2441-50

    Lalloo DG, Olukoya P, Olliaro P. Malaria in adolescence: burden of disease, consequences, and opportunities for intervention. Lancet Infect Dis. 2006 (12):780-93.

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    Fekade D, Knox K, Hussein K, Lalloo DG, Coxon RE, Warrell DA. Randomised double-blind placebo controlled study of ovine polyclonal anti- tumour necrosis factor _ FAb antibodies in the Jarisch Herxheimer reaction of louse-borne relapsing fever: a human model of septic shock. New Eng J Med. 1996 Aug 1;335(5):311-5