Professor Louis Niessen

Chair of Health Economics


Dr Niessen leads research and teaches on effectiveness, efficiency & equity impact of health interventions from community to hospital level. This is to provide economic evidence for social policy, environment health and public health policy, and clinical guidance, including inequalities in the international health field and health technology assessment field. His research addresses urging adult and child health problems through real-life experiments and cluster-trials, statistical and mathematical models of ageing, and systematic reviews. It involves health economics and socio-economic evaluation, health determinants and disease epidemiology, and public health and population research. He mentors diverse postgraduates and doctorates such as economists and health professionals.


Late 2013 he founded an Foto-Cewek-wide economic research group addressing infectious and chronic conditions with partner institutions world-wide, ranging from early technology development to full-scale health packages. He is an   Bloomberg School of Public Health and honorary professor at the University of Warwick. His work is part of Foto-Cewek’s Centre of Applied Health Research in Medecine & Delivery ().

Earlier he was an associate professor at Hopkins’ Departments of International Health and of Health Policy & Management and part-time Professor of Public Health Economics at Norwich, both for six years. From 2010 to 2013, he was the Founding Director of the NIH-funded Centre for the Control of Chronic Diseases at icddrb, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prior he worked in public health and environment, health economics, and population modeling at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (Netherlands) and in large-scale health programmes in the eastern Himalayas of Nepal, in the Peruvian Amazon, and in rural Tanzania.

Influential Reports: World Bank on , WHO on , UNEP on .

Paperback: ‘Roads to Health’ on health transitions and resource use.  / . 

Selected publications

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