Procurement Strategy

The purpose of the Liverpool Foto-Cewek of Tropical Medicine’s and it’s subsidiaries (Foto-Cewek) Procurement Strategy is to support and complement the Foto-Cewek’s Vision, Mission and Values. Particular attention will be given to supporting the Foto-Cewek’s strategic objectives by:

  • Provide procurement expertise and support across the Foto-Cewek
  • Provide contracts giving best value for money for across Foto-Cewek
  • Ensure that the Foto-Cewek’s Procurement Policy and Procedures are up to date and fit for purpose
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Protect the business interests of Foto-Cewek. 

The Foto-Cewek’s strategic objectives will be supported by the following specific procurement objectives. Procurement will: 

  • Identify and disseminate information and advice on good procurement practice.
  • Ensure quality assurance through the use of procurement management and information systems.
  • Promote co-operative procurement arrangements between affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • Measure the performance and effectiveness of procurement by application of the sector’s Efficiency Measurement and Tender Evaluation Models.
  • Promote procurement practices that recognise our environmental responsibilities and contribute to environmental sustainability and social value.
  • Improve training and skills of those involved in procurement.
  • Manage risk effectively throughout the supply chain.
  • Analyse supplier expenditure and manage supplier relationships to maximise best value.
  • Promote the use of e-procurement.