Global, 2009 - 2014

CapacityPlus is a five-year, $300 million global USAID cooperative agreement tasked with strengthening the health workforce needed to implement quality health programmes in developing countries. CapacityPLUS builds upon and expands the successful efforts of USAID’s Capacity Project. The Capacity Project worked in 47 countries to strengthen health systems and workforce planning, development and performance support.

CapacityPLUS strengthens the human resources for health (HRH) needed to help reach the Millennium Development Goals. Placing health workers at the center of every effort, the vision of CapacityPLUS is to build powerful constituencies to shape the global HRH agenda while achieving demonstrable progress in the health workforce in a set of focus countries.

The programme is implemented by an international consortium led by Intrahealth International, Inc., with LATH as a key partner. LATH provides one full time ‘Human Resources for Health Policy and Planning Specialist’ to the Project based in Washington D.C., USA.  In addition LATH provides the services of in house HRH experts and managers on an as needed basis.  In particular LATH is focused on providing support to HRH Policy and Planning and the HRH Performance Support Systems.

 Blog by Paul Marsden,  Human Resources for Health Policy Planning Specialist, CapacityPlus Programme

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