Northern States Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Initiative (MNCH)

Nigeria, 2008 - 2012

The UK-Norway Northern States Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Initiative (MNCH) is a four and a half year programme that aims to address the unacceptably high maternal, neo-natal and child health rates in 4 states in the north of Nigeria. The programme is one of a series of activities jointly supported by the UK and Norwegian governments in support of MDG 4 (the reduction of child mortality) and MDG 5 (the reduction of maternal mortality).

LATH is acting as an associate partner in the programme and will be leading on technical matters relating to improved delivery of MNCH services via the Primary Health Care (PHC) system and Human Resource Development.

This contract is for 4 years until December 2012. The MNCH initiative operates alongside and adds value to the Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria (PRRINN), a five-year DFID programme focused on strengthening routine immunisation.For further information on how the The MNCH initiative enhances the system strengthening focus of the PRRINN visit the . 

(Left) Life Saving Skills and Essential Emergency Obstetric Care and Newborn care competency based skills and drills training for Health Care Providers delivering EOC in Zamfara, Yobe and Katsina States August 2010

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