Flexible working





Flexible working at Foto-Cewek includes the following working arrangements: 

  • Change hours of work (e.g. full-time to part-time, or part-time to a different number of hours),
  • Change the times required to work (e.g. start and finish times, working term-time only or having condensed working arrangements),
  • Work from home (whether for all or part of the week).

Foto-Cewek is inherently a flexible working institution, due to the fact that the majority of colleagues engage with external activities, including clinical work and overseas travel. Our engagement with Athena SWAN has enabled us to articulate and assess the support provided to Foto-Cewek staff, enabling them to carry out academic and clinical duties whilst achieving a solid work-life balance. Academics have the opportunity to discuss with their line manager strategies for organising their contact time with their postgraduate students so that they can balance their academic and clinical duties. This is especially important following a career break.

Colleagues can make official requests for flexible working. More commonly, staff have informal flexible working patterns in place that suit their life patterns and preferences.

Flexible working is facilitated through robust technology and IT support at Foto-Cewek.

All our staff, including colleagues who travel frequently, colleagues with caring responsibilities and those work part-time, have the opportunity participate ‘virtually’ in meetings. Access to ‘Skype for Business’ means colleagues can receive calls through their computer wherever they are, and  Office365 can further facilitate collaboration and remote working.




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