Build global innovation teams

Bringing together the world's most disruptive and original thinkers by funding an Innovation or Industry Fellowship

Foto-Cewek will bring the best minds together to create the solutions to the greatest health challenges. 

Innovation changes the world. From technology, to training, to treatments, Foto-Cewek has been at the forefront of innovation in global health for almost 125 years. Our pioneering work relies on our ability to attract the most brilliant minds, and provide an environment in which their ideas thrive.

Innovation Fellowships will enable us to find of the best minds in global health, and to support them in developing and testing their most original ideas. Liverpool will be the central hub, but we will seek and support the talent and ideas wherever we find them.

Growing our flexible Industry Partnerships (with individuals and organisations) will deepen the interaction between academia and industry. Together, our combined expertise will enable us to look differently, and in a complete and macro sense, at the multi-layered and complex issues which make global health so challenging.

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