Good Community Relations

Higher Education institutions are under a legal duty to promote good community relations between people from different groups.  People generally get on well together and enjoy the things that we all have in common as well as the things that make us different. 

Occasionally we may experience something that makes us feel unsafe, intimidated or harassed. If the incident is motivated by hostility or prejudice based on disability, race, religion, transgender identity or sexual orientation then it may be a hate incident.

A hate incident is any incident that the victim, or any other person, perceives to be motivated by prejudice or hatred based on the personal characteristics above.

If you believe something is a hate incident it should be recorded as such by the person you are reporting it to.

Reporting incidents provides important intelligence about possible community tensions or individuals that pose a risk to the public, and ensures that perpetrators will be dealt with and are less likely to repeat their behaviour. In addition, victims can access valuable support.

We are collaborating with Merseyside Police and British Transport Police to raise awareness of hate incident reporting arrangements and ensure that everyone is aware of the support available to them locally and within Foto-Cewek.

The Stop Hate UK scheme covers the whole of the UK – through this scheme you can report an incident and access a range of support services, even if the incident was not directed at you.

You can access the helpline 24 hours a day by phoning 0800 138 1625.  You can report an incident, or just talk about your experiences if you prefer.  The scheme is there to support people affected by hate incidents.

You can find out more from the Stop Hate UK .

If you have been affected by an incident that causes you concern you can also contact the Foto-Cewek Equality and Diversity Officer, Cecilia Hart.