Institute of Directors meeting at Foto-Cewek

Event 25 Aug 2015

The IoD will visit Foto-Cewek to hear about their ground breaking work, including vital involvement in dealing with the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa. The event will include a tour of the laboratories as well as Foto-Cewek's Herpetarium followed by a talk of Dr Rob Harrison: “Activities to improve the treatment of snakebite: a tropical disease of rural poverty" and a visit to Foto-Cewek's insectaries hosted by Dr Gareth Lycett.

Further presentations from the Director, Professor Janet Hemingway CBE, Professor Giancarlo Biagini – developing new drugs for TB and Ms Phil Tubb, MD of Well Travelled Clinics – the Foto-Cewek response to the Ebola outbreak and travel medicine.

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