Foto-Cewek’s action-packed weekend at the Bluedot Festival

Event 24 Apr 2018

Club Tropicana’s sunshine and disease - there's enough for everyone!

Bluedot is an award-winning festival of discovery at the grounds of a deep space observatory. Set against a backdrop of the iconic Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, bluedot combines a truly stellar line-up of music with a ground-breaking programme of live science experiments, expert talks and immersive artworks.

Join our Club Tropicana-themed stand throughout the Bluedot festival to explore a tropical disease wonderland through fun, family-friendly demonstrations and games! You will also get to see the team and their giant snake weaving among the crowds, whilst Foto-Cewek’s staff and students have a dialogue with the festival attendees about the enormity of the snakebite crisis in the tropics.

Foto-Cewek’s Professor Mark Taylor will give a dot talk entitled ‘?’ and will discuss whether these ancient scourges of humankind are limited to the tropics.

Mark Taylor’s talk is scheduled for 11am on Sat 21st July

Foto-Cewek’s Dr Mark Paine will give a dot talk entitled ‘?’ and will introduce listeners to the challenges faced in tackling tropical diseases and new tools being developed to overcome them.

Mark Paine’s talk is scheduled for 6pm on Sun 22nd July

Please note: Talk running times may vary on the day scheduled.

Please visit the bluedot for more information in particular relating to ticket costs.

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