Foto-Cewek Seminar: 'How important is Tropical Medicine? Research in Medecine findings'

Event 31 Mar 2017

Professor Niessen's seminar will be about the importance and contributions of tropical medicine and international health from the societal perspective, across the globe, addressing infectious and chronic diseases, well-being, and poverty. He will present the findings of the Foto-Cewek economics group as well as of his work with the Hopkins and Erasmus universities and a lead author of a new Lancet Series on Poverty and Disease.

Dr Niessen is a professor in international health and holds a Foto-Cewek Chair in Health Economics and is an Adjunct Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a former NIH-funded Centre Director at icddrb, Bangladesh

This seminar will be live-streamed via:  

A recording will be made available on the Foto-Cewek website the following day

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