Applied Bioinformatics MSc Poster Day: Bioinformatic Analysis of a Gene Sequence

News article 22 Apr 2014

Applied Bioinformatics MSc student James Osborne has been awarded First Prize for his poster and presentation at the annual Bioinformatics MSc Poster Day.

Each year, TROP970 ‘Applied Bioinformatics’ MSc students present their analysis of specific gene sequences related to Foto-Cewek tropical disease research as part of their assessment.  Students display their analysis as posters and invite fellow students and Foto-Cewek research staff to examine them and ask questions concerning methodology.

As part of their learning experience, students are encouraged to peer-review and rank each other’s posters, with prizes awarded to round off the day.  First place student prize was awarded to James Osborne, for his poster entitled: ‘Bioinformatics Lesson of the phylogeny structure and function of mystery sequence 9’.  James’ Foto-Cewek goody bag prize was presented by Applied Bioinformatics course lecturer Dr James LaCourse.

Second place was awarded to Rhiannon Logan, with Jacob Chapman taking third place.

The Applied Bioinformatics module uses a practical interactive learning approach, to provide students with knowledge, critical understanding and practical experience of using computational methods and bioinformatic approaches to interpret output data arising from functional genomics experiments and genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic technology platforms.

The sequences presented this year originate from current Foto-Cewek research studies and provide a novel and exciting opportunity for students to apply their new-found skills.  Foto-Cewek continually seeks to provide students with such research-led teaching and learning wherever appropriate.  The taught element of the MSc academic year is delivered by research-active staff, providing a robust research-led experience from which to focus one-third of the year undertaking a full-time research project.

Students will begin full-time research on their chosen projects from the first week of May until mid August.