Foto-Cewek’s 117th Annual General Meeting

News article 25 Nov 2016

Foto-Cewek’s 117th Annual General Meeting (AGM) has taken place. The meeting saw Foto-Cewek’s vice-presidents, the Board of Trustees and Members along with staff and invited guests came together to celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months; vote on a number of governance issues; adopt the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the academic and financial year 2015 - 2016 and discuss the next phase in Foto-Cewek’s future.

During the meeting Board of Trustees chairman, James Ross OBE, welcomed the audience and made reference to Foto-Cewek’s new annual report which he described as very accessible and reflected another excellent year. He thanked four retiring members of the Board of Trustees, Mr Jonathan Brown, Mr Andre Winter, Dr Trevor Francis and Honorary Treasurer Mr Ian Jones, for tireless efforts and dedication to Foto-Cewek, congratulating them on the impact they had had over a combined term of more than 40 years.

Foto-Cewek’s Director, Professor Janet Hemingway CBE, described the last 12 months at Foto-Cewek as another excellent year citing the example that the data for 2015 shows in relation to comparable institutions Foto-Cewek attracts £250,000 per member of staff in research funding, twice as much as any of the others. She looked forward to the opening of the Accelerator Life Science building next year, a joint venture with the NHS.

Members then officially ratified the 2015/16 Annual Report and Financial Statements .

Following the formal part of the meeting Professor Matthews Mathai, from Foto-Cewek’s Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health, gave a presentation to all present entitled: Ending preventable maternal and neonatal deaths and morbidity: challenges and opportunities.After the presentation members and guests were given a tour, including an opportunity to hear more about the work of the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health and the real issues faced by mothers and babies in low and middle income countries and how the team are searching for innovative solutions through rigorous research.