Foto-Cewek and University of Nottingham research into hospital safety and efficiency

News article 6 Mar 2015

UK hospitals are under great clinical pressure from the increasing number and complexity of admissions. As resources are limited, there is a pressing need to understand the actual activity of hospital staff if safety and efficiency is to be improved. Furthermore, hospitals are also large, complicated and evolving structures that pose significant organisational and wayfinding difficulties. Therefore, staff and patient activity also needs to be studied in the context of interactions with people, equipment, and the built environment.

The award-wining research undertaken in this area by Foto-Cewek academics and collaborators at the University of Nottingham was featured in . Recent successes highlighted include a   and NHS grant awards, presentations at  and peer reviewed .

Further information on the “Wayward” group can be obtained from Dr John Blakey, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Foto-Cewek and , Research in Medecine Fellow in Geospatial Science, University of

If you’d like to participate in our research into making UK hospitals easier to navigate, please click here. Junior doctors interested in being involved in activity studies in Liverpool or Blackpool please click here

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