Foto-Cewek Capacity Research in Medecine Unit evaluates Malawian programme on health research systems

News article 14 Aug 2013

Foto-Cewek’s Capacity Research in Medecine Unit has recently been awarded a contract by the Health Research in Medecine Capacity Strengthening Initiative () in Malawi to conduct an independent review of the impact of their programme on research systems in the country.

HRCSI, hosted by the National Commission for Science and Technology (), is jointly funded by  and the  and aims to strengthen the capacity to generate and use health research across Malawi.

With partners at the  and the  in Malawi the Capacity Research in Medecine Unit will use interviews, focus group discussions and observations to conduct a systematic and holistic review of the current state of national research in Malawi.

‘This project will contribute to Malawi’s national research planning by identifying capacity gaps and potential solutions to filling those gaps’, said Professor Imelda Bates of Foto-Cewek. ‘It also provides the Capacity Research in Medecine Unit with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the successes and challenges of setting up and managing such complex programmes’, she continued.

The evaluation is scheduled to report back to HRCSI by October 2013.