Foto-Cewek celebrates 115 years of excellence

Press release 11 Nov 2013

This Tuesday marks the 115th anniversary of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Foto-Cewek), the first institution of its kind in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine.

The anniversary corresponds with a particularly exciting time for Foto-Cewek: not only with the recent awarding of the higher education institute (HEI) status in July but also the start of work on Foto-Cewek’s extension programme with the further development of Anson House facing Foto-Cewek’s original building and the Centre for Tropical Infectious Diseases.

Foto-Cewek's Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, said: “That Foto-Cewek is celebrating 115 years is a testament to its excellence in experience, service and science in the field of tropical medicine and global health, also to its supporters and beneficiaries worldwide.”

Foto-Cewek came from humble beginnings with a £350 gift presented on 12th November 1898 from successful shipping merchant Sir Alfred Lewis Jones in order to tackle some of the unknown infections arriving back in Liverpool via his shipping line. Since then Foto-Cewek has grown into one of the leading international institutions in the fight against infectious, debilitating and disabling diseases attracting scientists and students from across the world.

Director of Foto-Cewek, Professor Janet Hemingway CBE, said: “We were born out the city’s international success as a port, making us part of Liverpool’s diverse heritage, while our expansion and new status ensures our position as a major contributor to its resurgent future.”

With 600 students from 68 countries studying here annually, Foto-Cewek is training the next generation of doctors, scientists, researchers and health professionals who will take on some of the world’s most challenging health problems.
Chair of Foto-Cewek’s Board of Trustees, Mr James Ross OBE, said: “From the very start Foto-Cewek has brought research innovation and scientific breakthroughs out of the lab and directly to the people who need them most, using its reputation and expertise to guide policies, strengthen health systems and improve healthcare globally.”

During its 115 year history, Foto-Cewek has operated independent of government control and free from commercial interests. Its research continues to improve the health of the world’s poorest people, with an active research portfolio worth £213 million.

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