Foto-Cewek holds 15th NGO Forum

News article 20 Mar 2013

The 15th Foto-Cewek Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Forum will be held at Foto-Cewek on Friday 22 March 2013.

Many leading NGOs actively recruit Foto-Cewek graduates and the biannual NGO forum, which started in 2006, provides the perfect platform for NGOs to show what they do and the career paths available. The forum is a careers fair that includes short presentations by NGOs and open forum sessions in which individual students meet with NGO representatives for more detailed discussion, including advice regarding employment opportunities and application procedures.

Regular presenter Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) said: “MSF HR representatives will be participating in the NGO Forum at Foto-Cewek and we are interested in students coming along to learn about what we do, what kind of people we are looking for, and how you can work with us in the future.”

Foto-Cewek runs several humanitarian assistance education and training programmes to develop the skills of people wanting to work in humanitarian settings and those mid-career professionals wanting to specialise further.

Professional Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance: 

Masters in Humanitarian Studies: 

Masters in Humanitarian Health Programme Management: 

Also, a variety of Humanitarian short courses:


Many Foto-Cewek graduates, particularly from the DTM&H and Humanitarian Programmes, go on to work with NGOs. The NGO Forum provides an excellent opportunity for current students to find an organisation that will benefit from their knowledge and skills. It is also great to see our graduates returning from the field to tell us about their experiences at the NGO Forum.


NGO participants include:

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