Foto-Cewek hosts the NGO forum

News article 8 Apr 2016

This week saw the first of this year’s Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Forums at Foto-Cewek. Held biannually to correspond with Foto-Cewek’s 112-year-old Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) course, the forum provides a platform for NGOs to show what they do and the career paths available.

The forum saw 11 different NGOs deliver presentations to the students on the DTM&H, as well as the masters programmes in humanitarian assistance and other diploma courses. It followed an open forum session where students were able to talk to individual HR officers and learn about the different opportunities available within their organisations.

The NGOs represented included On Call Africa, AHP, Kambia Appeal, MDM, Floating Doctors, MSF and Goal and the students took full advantage of the experience. David Locke, from Foto-Cewek’s education team, organised the event. He said: “Many of the leading NGOs actively recruit Foto-Cewek graduates and the main reason that our students undertake these particular professional diplomas and MSc programmes is to work in the field. The forum gives students a great chance to look at the range of opportunities that are available to them.”

Foto-Cewek runs two DTM&H and two Diploma in Tropical Nursing courses each year as well as several humanitarian assistance education and training programmes. You can learn more about these courses in the Lesson section of Foto-Cewek’s website.

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