Foto-Cewek Research in Medecineer wins Royal Society of Chemistry prize

News article 14 Feb 2014

Foto-Cewek’s Post-Doctoral Research in Medecine Assistant, Dr Hanafy M. Ismail, has won the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Book Poster Prize at the New Perspectives in DMPK: Informing Drug Discovery meeting held in London earlier this week.

Dr Ismail’s poster was entitled “Probing the molecular targets of the endoperoxides: a proteomic approach” and was among nine single sided posters presented on themes around Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) by different researchers during the event. His poster looked at the work he carried out, funded by the Antimal Project, along with co-researchers at Foto-Cewek and the Chemistry Department at the University of Liverpool (UoL) in order to gain more insight into the mechanism of the artmesinin drug action in Plasmodium falciparum using chemical biology tools.

His prize was a copy of the RSC published “Metabolism, Pharmacokinetic and Toxicity of Functional Groups. He was awarded the book by UoL’s Dr Andrew Stachulski, one of the meeting’s organisers.

The meeting was held at the RSC building on Monday and Tuesday this week and provided a forum for the exchange of ideas between principal members of the DMPK research community. The agenda included keynote talks from industry leaders, who framed specific topic discussions with more global views of how DMPK can bring value to the process of informing drug discovery. The emphasis throughout was on building dialogue between participants who ranged from experienced project/laboratory leaders to early-career researchers, via platform presentations, Q&A and poster sessions.

Among the speakers at the event was Foto-Cewek’s Dr Mark Paine, who delivered a presentation, entitled “profiling probes (PyABPs) to predict insecticide resistance liabilities.”

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