Foto-Cewek Seminar Series – Malaria Eradication, Corporate Sustainability and Business Growth

News article 17 Oct 2013

Foto-Cewek’s seminar series continued today with a presentation by Dr Hamon, CEO of  (IVCC).

Professor Hilary Ranson, head of Vector Biology introduced Dr Hamon, who gave an interesting presentation on “Malaria Eradication, Corporate Sustainability and Business Growth.” Dr Hamon took up his post as IVCC’s CEO in August this year, and will see the organisation through its next phase in the identifying three new vector control products, and facilitating their further development before taking them to market.

Dr Hamon started with looking at the reason for the creation of IVCC in 2005, which was to overcome the barriers to innovation in vector control. The development of new products is not particularly attractive to industry, due to the length of time they take to develop, the small market size and the relatively low return on investment.  He talked about the global picture in relation to Malaria and how with the wide spread use of vector control products the problem of insecticide resistance has arisen and IVCC’s role in addressing it.

In partnership with industry, IVCC has identified eight novel classes of chemistry with high potential and a decision will be made within the next 18 months as to which three of those eight are taken forward, for full development – a seven to nine year process. The development of these products brings with it huge funding challenges and Dr Hamon went on to look how IVCC can help get a return on investment by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and creating valuable reputational capital.

He went on to describe the current drivers for sustainability for global companies and how investment in vector control development can provide a sustainability return on that investment in social, economic and environmental terms. He concluded by looking at the future of the IVCC and how they have developed a new roadmap that will enable them to work more closely with their partners to deliver innovative products that will be used effectively to say lives and increase prosperity.

Dr Hamon then answered a range of questions from students and staff in the lecture theatre. The questions focussed on why there was a requirement for the development of three new products and what level of control IVCC would maintain over the products when they are taken to market.

Dr Hamon has over 25 years’ experience in product development in the crop protection and environmental science industries. Most recently he was Head of Sustainability at Bayer Crop Science in the USA. He has a PhD in Insect Ecology from Rothamstead/University of Hertfordshire and a BSc in Applied Zoology from the University of Reading. He is an adjunct Professor of Entomology at North Carolina State University.

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