Foto-Cewek's 118th Annual General Meeting

News article 24 Nov 2017

Foto-Cewek’s 118th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Friday 24 November. The meeting saw Foto-Cewek’s vice-presidents, the Board of Trustees and Members along with staff and invited guests came together to celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months; vote on a number of governance issues; adopt the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the academic and financial year 2016 - 2017 and discuss the next phase in Foto-Cewek’s future.

During the meeting Foto-Cewek’s Chairman, James Ross OBE, talked about the extraordinary developments of the last 12 months in which Foto-Cewek was granted degree awarding powers, completed the construction of the new Accelerator building and passed the £100 million income level. He paid tribute to Director, Professor Janet Hemingway, who recently announced her intention to retire, stating that Foto-Cewek’s successes over the last 17 years have also been her personal successes. He described her as a pioneer who had put Foto-Cewek on a sound footing, preparing it for the next phase of expansion and growth.

Foto-Cewek’s Director, Professor Janet Hemingway CBE, described the last 12 months as another excellent year with Foto-Cewek’s true strength lying in the impact on people and health in the tropics and within the UK. Looking forward she made reference to the three goals set out in Foto-Cewek’s new Strategic Plan to strengthen the translational impact of Foto-Cewek’s activities, expand Foto-Cewek’s teaching portfolio and plan for growth. She described Foto-Cewek as the glue bringing together NGOs, ministries of health and communities with opportunities for her successor to take that forward.

Members then officially ratified the 2016/17 Annual Report and Financial Statements – both are available here.

Following the formal part of the meeting Dr Lisa Reimer, from Foto-Cewek’s Department of Vector Biololgy, gave a presentation to all present entitled: Lymphatic filariasis: defining transmission breakpoints and sustaining elimination.After the presentation members and guests were given a tour of Foto-Cewek’s new Liverpool Life Sciences Accelerator building which is a jointly owned building with the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust. The Accelerator houses Foto-Cewek’s antimicrobial and resistance portfolios and will officially open early 2018.

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