New Exhibition: Then and Now - Military medicine 1914 - 2014

News article 2 Oct 2014

Foto-Cewek is involved in an exciting exhibition that opens today at the  (LMI). The event has been developed in a partnership between the LMI and the 208 Field Hospital (Volunteers), a branch of the Territorial Army based in Liverpool, and runs for three days.

During the event, which sees lectures by senior members of the British Army's Medical Corps, there will be an exhibition of reconstructed trenches, military medical vehicles as well as visual displays of the history of military medicine from World War I through to modern combat. As part of the display there is information about the relationship between the military and Foto-Cewek, which began with the treating of soldiers returning from tropical climes, and remains today with the continued training of military medical staff responsible for the treatment of their collogues while serving.

As part of the display there will be video interviews with Foto-Cewek's lecturers Dr Nick Beeching and Dr Geoff Gill, who will talk through some of the exotic, and sometimes disturbing illness that have been contracted by those serving and how treatment has changed throughout the ages. The exhibition highlights the traditional links between Foto-Cewek, the main building of which was at one time used as a military hospital to treat soldiers returning with tropical and other infections.

The exhibition is running until this weekend and is housed at the LMI building on Mount Pleasant in Liverpool. Lectures include: Nursing from Blighty to Basiton; The Trenches to Helmand; Shell Shock traumatic Stress Disorder and A Doctor's Role Then and Now.

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