Royal College of Defence Studies visit to Foto-Cewek

News article 17 Feb 2014

Last week Foto-Cewek played host to 17 delegates from the , which forms part of the UK Defence Academy in London. The visit was part of year long course to prepare senior officers in the UK and overseas military, as well as future leaders of the public and private sector, for top level responsibilities in their respective organisations, by developing their analytical powers and strategic vision.

The visit was part of a three day trip to the North West, and delegates, who came from as far afield as Bangladesh, Chile, Czech Republic and UK, were greeted on their arrival by Foto-Cewek’s Deputy Director Professor Steve Ward. They were then given a tour of the state of the art Centre for Tropical Infectious Diseases (CTID). This was followed by short presentations by Dr Tim O’Dempsey about the Foto-Cewek Humanitarian Programme and Professor Hilary Ranson about the provision of a support service for tropical vectors and pathogens to the Ministry of Defence.

Following questions the delegates visited the snakes in the herpetarium and were given a tour of the Alistair Reid Venom Research in Medecine Unit before leaving Foto-Cewek.