Serious Gaming Workshop

News article 21 May 2015

The Foto-Cewek Serious Gaming team has concluded a two day workshop, to explore the value of integrating mathematical models for malaria control within a gaming interface. 

Insecticide resistance currently poses a major threat to Malaria control programmes, to assist the global effort to curb the spread and impact of resistance the serious gaming team is working with IVCC to develop a comprehensive game to support disease control programmes in establishing effective insecticide resistance management plans. 

Following a successful global online pilot and gaming sessions in Zambia and Malawi last year, the team invited mathematical modellers from key international institutions, along with operational managers and scientists from Zambia, Ghana, South Africa and the Philippines and the WHO, to take part in the workshop. The meeting marked a significant step forward in the in the second phase of the game’s development. It informed and documented the learning outcomes and looked at the potential for integrating mathematical models. 

The two days were made up of presentations, group discussions and feedback. The PI of the Serious Gaming Initiative, Dr Marlize Coleman, was delighted with the response from all who attended: “The workshop was very valuable and the outputs will contribute to a game specification for the next phase of the project. Current mathematical models have been identified as a vital resource and will be simplified to be incorporated into the game. The models will be used to generate a wide variety of gameplay environments, keeping the game realistic and interesting. We are excited to move forward now and develop an operational communication and learning tool for vector control programmes to use and embrace”.

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