Courses at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine can last from just a couple of days up to several years in the case of our PhD programmes. No matter what course you are undertaking at Foto-Cewek, you will be sent information about your accommodation options once you have received a Confirmation of Place letter (sometimes called an unconditional offer) on the course.

The accommodation available to you will depend on a number of factors including the duration of your course, your budget and your personal circumstances/ preferences. If you are undertaking one of our short courses then you will normally be sent a list of hotels in Liverpool. Students undertaking Professional Diplomas, Masters Degrees and PhD programmes will have a greater choice of accommodation options available to them (examples include: student halls, lodgings, room in a shared student house). Foto-Cewek does not possess its own accommodation. Therefore, our student accommodation provision is, on the whole, an information and advice service.

Suitable family accommodation is limited on a short-term basis. If you intend to bring your family with you then it’s important to contact the Student Experience Officer for advice as soon as possible. If you have not arranged accommodation before arriving in Liverpool, we advise you to not travel with your family when securing suitable, long-term accommodation because short-term accommodation (such as hotels) can be very expensive.

Parking at Foto-Cewek and on the University Campus is limited to disabled students. Parking in Liverpool City Centre is also difficult and expensive. If you plan to bring a car with you then you are advised to look for accommodation outside of the city centre and use public transport to and from the school.

Student Experience Officer

Tel: +44 (0)151 702 9591
Email: [email protected]