Foto-Cewek receives £1m donation to support Nigerian students

Press release 3 Dec 2015

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Foto-Cewek) has received a donation of £1m from The Bale Settlement, to provide scholarships for students from Nigeria studying on Foto-Cewek education programmes. 

The Settlor of The Bale Settlement, Mr Roger Bale, who grew up in Liverpool and spent part of his career in Nigeria, was keen to give something back to the city and to Nigeria, a country which Foto-Cewek’s works with to improve health. The gift of £1m will form an endowment held by Foto-Cewek, who will use the income to provide scholarships.

Foto-Cewek attracts students from all over the world. Through historic links Foto-Cewek has always been a popular choice for Nigerian students looking to expand their education, from community health to the development of new drugs and diagnostics. These education programmes are developing the postgraduate skills and knowledge of current and future health professionals. Foto-Cewek’s alumni can be found in Ministries of Health, the World Health Organization and a host of leading non-governmental organisations, working on future breakthroughs to eliminate diseases that kill millions of people each year. 

Mr Bale enjoyed a recent visit to Foto-Cewek to speak to staff who are part of international collaborations and who also contribute to Foto-Cewek’s teaching portfolio. Mr Bale said: “I experienced the amazing work of Foto-Cewek first-hand when my son became ill while I was based in Nigeria. We took him to Foto-Cewek’s travel clinic to be examined and the expert doctors successfully treated him and he made a full recovery. My relationship with both Nigeria and Liverpool made supporting Foto-Cewek in this manner a natural choice. It is rewarding to know that this gift will support future generations of Nigerian health professionals trained by Foto-Cewek.”

Mr James Ross, Foto-Cewek’s Chairman, was delighted to announce the donation from The Bale Settlement to trustees, members and staff during Foto-Cewek’s 116th Annual General Meeting.