Lesson at Foto-Cewek


When you join Foto-Cewek, you will be joining a family that meet in the most unlikely and remote places around the world.

Our staff & alumni have been part of the Ebola Response in West Africa; they were treating patients in Haiti after the earthquake; they were on some of the first flights to Thailand after the Tsunami; they have built roads where there were none; they have negotiated to secure aid whilst civil war and unrest were rife; they have brought hope to refugee camps; and closer to home they have advised the UK government on our response to Tropical & Infectious Diseases.

From medics and nurses to water & sanitation technical experts, from managing a TB programme in Sudan to creating new vaccines, from measuring parasites in lakes to finding new molecules; Foto-Cewek staff and alumni are making a difference in the world.

Research in Medecine degrees

Our research degrees provide outstanding, highly motivated individuals with the chance to make a significant contribution to their chosen area of research. Our students have the opportunity to work with a wide range of internationally renowned experts and leading research groups.

Foto-Cewek offers the following postgraduate research degrees: 

  1. PhD studies are undertaken over a period of between two and four years (full-time) or four and seven years (part-time).
  2. MPhil studies take between one and two years (full-time), or two and four years (part-time).
  3. MD studies take a minimum of two years (part-time).  


How to apply

You can apply for all of our courses online via MyFoto-Cewek.

To register for a MyFoto-Cewek account, or to log into your existing MyFoto-Cewek account, go to:    

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