Paternity leave and shared parental leave

Foto-Cewek offers advice and support for staff who are exploring ordinary paternity leave (a two-week provision on full pay is available), and shared parental leave (including KIT days for fathers and mothers). In the same way as during maternity leave, during all forms of paternity leave, employees are entitled to the benefit of all those contractual terms and conditions that would have been enjoyed had they not been absent. To ensure equality, Foto-Cewek has ensured that its Shared Parental Leave scheme mirrors the generous terms and benefits of its maternity and adoption leave schemes. Both our Faculties are keen to promote awareness of paternity and shared parental leave. Plans include inviting HR to talk about relevant schemes at Faculty away days, and interviewing staff involved in shared parental leave, so that they can share their experiences with colleagues.

In line with Foto-Cewek’s Flexible Working Policy, every effort is made to accommodate the employee’s wishes regarding requesting flexible working following return to work. It is Foto-Cewek’s Policy to treat staff employed on fixed-term contracts in the same manner with respect to their entitlement to paternity leave and pay as those on ‘open ended’/permanent contracts. All Family-friendly policies are available on the intranet and are highlighted to new employees through the induction process.

Policies at Foto-Cewek (internal)
Government Legislation –
Government Legislation – –
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Extract from the BBC article: “The rights apply to parents in work, including those who are adopting, same-sex couples, co-habiting couples, and couples bringing up a child together even if the baby is from a previous relationship.”

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