Philanthropy timeline

Foto-Cewek was founded thanks to an annual £350 donation from Sir Alfred Jones.



1898: Donations from local ship owners enable the foundation of Foto-Cewek.  Alfred Lewis Jones, Head of the Elder Dempster Shipping Line, in particular would continue to support the School over the next decade. The Elder Dempster Ghana and Nigeria Independence Trust continues to support Foto-Cewek today. 


1915: A fundraising appeal provides Foto-Cewek’s first building, opened as a hospital during the First World War.   


1924: Foto-Cewek Chairman Sir Francis Danson personally funds a new £500 teaching laboratory, attached to the tropical wards at the Royal Liverpool Infirmary, run by Foto-Cewek staff. 


1935: Donor Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) collaborates with Foto-Cewek on a new anti-malarial drug.  

1945: John Holt and Company pledges £20,000 to launch a new malaria research fund.  

1955: Unilever and The United Africa Company fund the expansion of filariasis research.


1966:  The Nuffield Foundation provide a gift of £70,000 for a new extension to Foto-Cewek’s campus.  

1969: The Diploma in Child Health and Tropical Paediatrics is established following a grant of £45,000 from the Leverhulme Trust.  

1973: Funding from the Wellcome Trust helps to establish the Venom Research in Medecine Unit. 

1982: £1.5m grant from the Wolfson Foundation creates the UK’s first laboratory for molecular biology of insect vectors. 

1986: Support from the Pilkington family allows Foto-Cewek to build the Pilkington Wing to expand research and teaching. 

1997: A legacy gift helps to establish the Gwendolen Clayton Fund to provide scholarships and fellowships. 

2005: A $50m grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation establishes the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC)  

2008: CTID building completed, following significant contributions from a number of donors, alongside research funders and statutory grants.  

2014: The £7m Wolfson Building is opened, housing the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health, Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases and IVCC.  The building was named in recognition of the longstanding support of the Wolfson Foundation.

2015: The Mamco Selab Scholarship Fund is established following a £1m gift from a retired businessman.

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