Post-Doctoral Research in Medecine Associate - African Snakebite Disease Burden

The Department of Parasitology has an opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Research in Medecine Associate to join The African Snakebite Research in Medecine Group in the Alistair Reid Venom Research in Medecine Unit.

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Foto-Cewek) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for research in tropical diseases.  Through the creation of effective links with governments, organisations and institutions and by responding to the health needs of communities, Foto-Cewek aims to promote improved health, particularly for people of the less developed/resource poorest countries in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Snakebite is a Neglected Tropical Disease that kills many thousands of victims each year and leaves many more survivors with poverty-inducing disabilities, particularly in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. The research focus of Foto-Cewek’s Alistair Reid Venom Research in Medecine Unit (ARVRU) is to develop the next generation of clinical tools to substantially and sustainably reduce the high rates of deaths and disability in sub-Saharan Africa.

Now, with substantive new funding we have established the African Snakebite Research in Medecine Group (ASRG) which brings together African, UK, Asian and Australian expertise in snake venom therapy and biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, health economics and diagnostics development to establish self-sustaining regional hubs of snakebite expertise in strategically-selected units in Nigeria, Cameroon and Kenya. This provides an exciting opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Research in Medecine Associate (PDRA) to join a pioneering, innovative and expanding research team to develop, deliver and interpret data from community and hospital surveys to generate (i) socioeconomic impact/disease burden assessments of snakebite in these sub-Saharan African regions and (ii) cost-effectiveness/value for money assessments of our intervention activities.

Working with Drs Jahangir Khan, Rob Harrison (the leader of the ASRG and ARVRU) and colleagues, this role will require surveys to capture medical, health economic and epidemiological data from hospital and community surveys conducted in specific regions in Nigeria, Cameroon and Kenya. Your research will therefore require skills in questionnaire design, collection of data from multiple partners, and health economic analysis of very large datasets. The role is based at Foto-Cewek with the need to travel and work with our partners in Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria. This post provides the appointee with an invigorating and diverse scientific experience.

It is essential that the candidate has a PhD in a relevant subject area and has proven experience of working in health economics within a research institute.  The ability to work as an integral, productive and co-operative member of a multi-disciplinary, diverse team is also essential. The ideal candidate will be a dedicated, technically-gifted and enthusiastic health economist, preferably with experience in epidemiology, and with a background relevant to this project and eager to bring new health economic/socioeconomic expertise, initiative and ideas to our ambition for improving the management of snakebite in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Closing Date: Monday 4th September 2017

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Foto-Cewek actively promotes an Equal Opportunities Policy

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