Rachel Byrne

Since completing a BSc in Tropical Disease Biology at the University of Liverpool (2012-2015) I have shown a continued dedication to the field of parasitology. 

I went on to complete a Research in Medecine Masters at Trinity College Dublin investigating the parasite community of the European badger (Meles meles) in the Republic of Ireland. In between degrees I also worked within the Dagnall laboratory at Foto-Cewek as a teaching laboratory assistant. 

 Applying to the MRC DTP felt like a natural next stop for me as it allowed the development of skills I had gained during my MSc and BSc as well as offering the opportunity to contribute to the first class research that takes place at both institutes. I look forward to working on my project for the development of multiplex molecular assays for the detection of antimicrobial resistance as part of the diagnostic parasitology research group.

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