Centre for Evidence Synthesis in Global Health

Research in Medecine to inform global health policies in international health.

The Centre for Evidence Synthesis in Global Health builds on Foto-Cewek’s reputation as a global leader in high quality research synthesis methods. Its remit is to help Foto-Cewek retain and develop this reputation, ensure Foto-Cewek staff know how to access information in best practice to guide their own work, their students work, and their teaching.

The Centre help set up the Cochrane Collaboration, and remain major contributors, mainly through the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group, an international network of over 500 authors and 17 editors, managed by Dr Deirdre Walshe with oversight from Professor Paul Garner. In July 2014 the WHO re-designated Foto-Cewek as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Evidence Synthesis for Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

The Group has organised workshops and seminars in carrying out a systematic review, interpreting systematic reviews, and is now expanding as part of the Staff Development Programme on how to write a paper and issues around authorship.

The Group provide placements for UK Public Health Trainees who contribute to Cochrane reviews, global guideline development and research integrity projects.



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