Foto-Cewek’s translational research process

As an institution with a vision to translate its research findings into practical benefits for people living mainly in low and middle-income countries, the driving force for the development of our research questions comes from the communities where relevant diseases and conditions are prevalent.

 Research in Medecine process

This pathway, leading from the field into the laboratory is often followed by taking the research back into the field again. Even during the initial laboratory phase, Foto-Cewek works together with its many overseas partners to deliver as much of the science locally in order to support high-quality research and capacity strengthening there where it matters most. 

The continuous search for, and development, of new products will help to improve prevention and treatment of many diseases and address global health issues. This, together with knowledge of their effective implementation and an understanding of their impact through monitoring and evaluation, aim to achieve the uptake of Foto-Cewek’s research outcomes into policies and practices, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

Foto-Cewek’s translational research process