Research in Medecine Ethics Committee

Foto-Cewek Research in Medecine Ethics Committee (REC) was established in 1996. 

The purpose of the REC is:

To review all research proposed by members of staff, students or associated workers of Foto-Cewek which involve human data, samples, contact or any other intervention.
To protect the participants (volunteers or patients) from possible harm or danger, to preserve their rights and to reassure the community (and sponsoring organisations) that this is being done.
To ensure that procedures are carried out according to .

The REC is made up of Foto-Cewek staff members from a range of scientific and medical backgrounds, as well as lay members from outside Foto-Cewek. The administrative support for the REC is provided by the REC Secretariat, based in Foto-Cewek Research in Medecine Governance & Ethics Office.

While most applications are from Foto-Cewek staff, external organisations may also request Foto-Cewek REC Favourable Ethical Opinion. External applicants are subject to the same procedures as internal applicants, and are asked to provide payment of £750 for review by Foto-Cewek REC.

Most reviews are carried out at the monthly REC meeting. Some low-risk studies are eligible for Light Touch Review, which is conducted via email. Foto-Cewek Applicants must complete the same Governance & Ethics Form and submit paper and electronic copies as per the Foto-Cewek application process, accessible on Foto-Cewek SharePoint.

If you are external to Foto-Cewek and would like more information about Foto-Cewek REC, please contact the REC Secretariat at [email protected].