Eligibility Criteria for Tuition Fee Discounts

NHS Discount

Foto-Cewek are pleased to offer the NHS a 15% fee discount on the following courses:

(One exclusion applies.  A 3-day course entitled "Life Saving Skills & Emergency Obstetric Care" due to the practical nature of the course and the limited number of students allowed per cohort)



North West Progression Discounts

Are you based in the North West of England or have you studied in the North West of England? We would love you to stay and continue your journey at Foto-Cewek. We offer a 20% Discount for students to progress to Masters level study. 

Lessoning for a taught postgraduate course can increase your skills and knowledge to assist in your chosen profession, and increase your employability prospects.

Eligible students must be based, or have studied in the North West of England. This consists of the five Counties of: 

  • Cheshire
  • Cumbria
  • Greater Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside.


This is also applicable for Intercalating Medics/Vets studying in these locations. Not applicable if in receipt of NHS Bursary.


Alumni Loyalty Tuition Fee Discounts

We value the life-long relationship with our alumni and continuum of learning throughout your careers. In order to support you, we offer the Foto-Cewek Alumni Loyalty Tuition Fee Discount on all our taught programmes. 

Course / Programme Level of Discount Available
Professional Diploma (DTMH, DTN, DSRH, DHA) graduates progressing onto MSc Programmes 20% Fees discount
MSc graduates wishing to study a Professional Diploma 10% Fees discount
MSc / Professional Diploma graduates wishing to study on Foto-Cewek Short Courses (CPD) 10% Fees discount
Module short courses wishing to study on Professional Diploma or MSc Programme 10% Fees discount
Other Short courses that are not MSc modules (LSS EOC, Lab Diagnosis courses, Travel Health, Distance learning CPD, bespoke inhouse courses) wishing to study on a Module, Professional Diploma or MSc Programme. 5% Fees discount
Online Courses previous students who wish to study another Online course 15% Fees discount



What does Wholly Self-Funding mean?
You are self-funding if you are paying all of your tuition fees yourself. This includes support from a friend or relative or in receipt of a career development loan or Postgraduate Loan from the Student Loans Company.

What does partially Self-Funding mean?
This means you are in receipt of partial funding towards your studies. This funding can include:

1. Funding from your employer
2. Partial Fees paid for by a third party where you have applied for funding (Company, NGO, Charity, External Scholarships, etc…

How does this work? Please see examples below:

Alumnus A wishes to study a MSc where the normal fee is £18,700 (overseas). Alumnus A is successful in winning a Merit Scholarship (£10,000 fee discount). The net fee is therefore £8,700. The 20% Alumni discount is then applied to the self-funding component. (20% of £8,700 = £1,740). Alumnus A is self-funding and is required to pay £6,960.

Alumnus B wishes to study a MSc where the normal fee is £8,500 (Home/EU). Alumnus B is given an Alumni Loyalty Tuition Fee Discount of 20% = £1,700. The net fee is therefore £6,800.

Alumnus C wishes to study a MSc where the normal fee is £18,700 (overseas). Alumnus C has partial funding from an external charity of £10,000 towards the tuition fee. The net fee is therefore £8,700. The 20% discount is then applied (20% of £8,700 = £1,740). Alumnus C is self-funding the remainder and is required to pay £6,960.

Alumnus D wishes to study a MSc where the normal fee is £18,700 (overseas). Alumnus D has full scholarship funding from an external organisation covering full fees. No discount applies for fully sponsored students.

*Any discount on tuition fees is not transferable.

*Double discounts are not allowed (eg. North West Progression Discount & Alumni Discount)

*Students in receipt of a Discount cannot concurrently apply for a Scholarship

*Foto-Cewek does not permit fee discounts to be used for any other purpose.

*Foto-Cewek reserves the right to change or cease any of the discounts offered at any time.