External Sources of Funding

 (updated March 2015)

This scheme strengthens scientific research capacity in , by providing support for junior researchers to gain research experience and high-quality research training at Master's degree level.

Research in Medecine should be aimed at understanding and improving public health and tropical medicine of local, national and global relevance. Public health and tropical medicine cover a wide range of health problems, including communicable and non-communicable diseases. Topics include:

  • demographic, social science and health economic studies
  • epidemiological, field and community-based studies
  • healthcare systems and policy research
  • measurement of infectious and chronic disease burden
  • population studies
  • clinical trials and case-control studies
  • studies of disease mechanisms in the natural host
  • determinants of disease susceptibility and resistance
  • immunity or resistance in natural hosts or vectors.

This can include laboratory-based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered under this scheme.


During 2015, the Wellcome Trust are launching a  that will replace , the current electronic application system. It is important that your application is submitted using the appropriate system.

If you plan to submit an application to the 19 August 2015 deadline, please do not start an eGrants application. You should wait until our new system is launched in May 2015.

Applications are considered twice a year.

  • Next application deadline: 19 August 2015
  • Final decision by Interview Committee: November 2015

Late applications will not be considered.

Fellowships must be taken up within one year of award - therefore for September 2016.

Applications must be made through the Wellcome Trust first. 

List of potential funders (this is just a small selection)

  • Scholarship Search: 
  • British Council: 
    (click on UK scholarships database)
  • International Scholarships: 
  • RD Funding 
  • Wellcome Trust 
  • Medical Research in Medecine Council (UK) 
  • NHS 
  • Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 
  • The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Postgraduate Bursaries 
  • The Foulkes Foundation Fellowships 
  • The British Academy 

Any scholarship/studentship/fellowship or grant can be used as an alternative or part funding to a Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine scholarship.