Honorary degrees

Foto-Cewek received its degree-awarding powers in 2017, and awarded its first honorary degrees in 2018.

2018 Honorary degrees

Letitia Obeng

Dr Letitia Obeng is a graduate of Foto-Cewek, completing her PhD in Liverpool during the 1960s. She conducted her research on Simuliidae, or black fly, because of its relevance as the vector for onchocerciasis (river blindness). After leaving Foto-Cewek, Dr Obeng went home to set up the National Research in Medecine Institute of Aquatic Biology for research on Ghana’s huge man-made Volta Lake and its inland water system. 

In 2006, Dr Obeng was honoured with Ghana’s highest award, the Order of the Star of Ghana. The first woman elected as a fellow to Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, in 2008, she was unanimously chosen as its first female President.

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Victor Mwapasa

Professor Mwapasa is a public health expert, research scientist and professor at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine (CoM). He has dedicated his life to studying and preventing both malaria and HIV. He has a long association with Foto-Cewek, firstly though Dr Malcolm Molyneux and then the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Research in Medecine Programme. 

He was responsible for the formation of Malawi’s revised 2018–20 HIV Prevention strategy, which has led to mother-child transmission of HIV being reduced from 30% to around 6%.

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