The role of the IgM receptor FcmuR in malaria

Fcmu receptors binds to IgM and are expressed on B and T cell but their function is poorly understood. Several proteins encoded by Plasmodium falciparum bind to IgM and reduce binding of IgM to the Fcmu receptor. The candidate will investigate the role of the Fcmu receptor for B- and T cell function and how parasite proteins interfere with it.

Where does this project lie in the translational pathway

T1 – Basic Research in Medecine




The project will address a basic immunological question and utilise the acquired knowledge to understand how P. falciparum undermines the function of the Fcmu receptor. While it is too early to predict whether the outcomes of the research have any clinical application, they are likely to contribute to our knowledge on immune-evasion by P. falciparum and how this affects different disease outcomes.


Methodological aspects of the PhD project

The project offers a variety of laboratory techniques including cellular immunology, cell culture, recombinant protein production. Transcriptomic analysis of B and T cell modified by P. falciparum IgM-binding proteins will form part of the project with the aim to inform the development of vaccines or diagnostic tools targeting these proteins.


Expected outputs of the PhD project

Publications, further funding likely since the role of IgM and its receptors are relevant for other infections aside from malaria


External industry links or training opportunities available for the student

MRes project rotation with Absolute Antibodies  (to be confirmed)


Required skills/experience/aptitudes

Basic immunology


Key publications that relate to this proposed project


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